Care as It Is

These days, I have been feeling like I’m given a chance to live again. Not that I am dying, but the routine of everyday working tho.

And then there you are.

You are just like you everyday. You are just like you on the routine. I never really realized that you are one interesting man. Oh, isn’t everybody interesting if we take a closer look?

I knew where this all started. It is when we share the same song to sing for the second time. Isn’t it amazing how just one song can bring all the feelings in this world? I like that song, I don’t really know if you like that song but you sing anyway.

And you were being so good to me these past day. You were being very helpful when I’m having doubts, worries, anxiety about the worst thing that can happen when I handle things. You reminded me to be calm. That we better not wasting time worrying, because there is God helping us.

In this phase of my life, I consider myself neither a good person, nor the spiritual one. You reminded me much about how it is worth to be a good person. To have somebody that makes you want to be a better version of yourself.

So thank you for the unconditional care you gave me. Thank you for being there. You’re gonna live a good life ahead, because you have that spirit inside you that never die.

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